What to Buy to Get Ready for the Ski Season

Going up the gondola, one happy child - Photo by The-Ski-Guru - Pila, Aosta Valley.

It is starting to snow (and rain) in the Northern Hemisphere. This is a sign that the ski season is coming around the corner! This is a list I have done quickly of what you should think of getting, if you are planning to go skiing.

If you are a seasoned skier or boarder, you must have all your equipment, even though sometimes you want to upgrade something. If you are starting, this is a good guide of what to think to be warm in the mountains. And how to keep your family happy and warm…. Nothing is worst than having a crying kid because is cold!

I am putting all items you can find on Amazon, for a fast easy shop.

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My youngest with my husband after his ski lesson in Madonna di Campiglio. 7 things that can help you when taking kids skiing.
My youngest with my husband after his ski lesson in Madonna di Campiglio.  What to Buy to Get Ready for the Ski Season.

Merino Base Layers

Nothing helps you better to stay warm than a thermal layer. I love merino as it keeps you warm and dry, and it does not stink as quickly as other materials. It is also cool for summer, so a great material!

Another thing to think, to keep happy feet, is to get at least two or three pairs of ski socks – so you can alternate during the week (more if you do not have a washing machine!)

You also want to have a warm head. Heat leaves you fast through your head and your extremities (feet and hands). So here is a selection of beanies – I prefer wool to synthetic ones, but that goes with taste. A beanie is also useful if you wear a ski helmet (it is obligatory for kids to wear helmets while skiing). If it is very cold, you can add the beanie under the helmet.

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