Best Ski Resorts in the Alps

Best ski resorts in the Alps. Photo: Alpine Elements.

Superb slopes for skiing, dotted with picture perfect Alpine villages, has made the Alps a legendary hotspot for skiers from around the world for decades.With epic powder being dumped on the Alps the prospect of the new upcoming ski season affording a much smoother escape is high on the cards. 

That said, though the Alps have an undeniable appeal, with over 4000 resorts to choose from, how do you find one where you are sure the mountain air will make you feel truly alive again?

So we will let you know which resorts snowboarders should consider, the ones that are best for beginners and above all a resort where families can spend quality time with the kids. This is our ultimate guide to the best ski resorts in the Alps for 2022 and beyond. Companies such as Alpine Elements offer amazing deals and packages to these ultimate ski resort destinations.


St Anton, Austria

Best for: snowboarders 

Most of the resorts in the Alps are catering for first time skiers and beginners and it is not difficult to understand why. With business gradually picking up after two years, the industry needs to survive somehow or the other.

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Why do Brits love their ski chalet holidays

Ski Vertigo ski chalets- Why do Brits love their ski chalet holidays

Skiing, prior to WWII, was a privilege afforded only by the elite few who stayed at some of the most elaborate Victorian hotels spread across the Alps, in between spending time on the slopes.

However, post 1950, things began to change dramatically as the sport got embraced by a wider group of people, especially the British, who were hungry for some outdoor fun after spending years of life in austerity because of the conflict.

In 1953 the travel industry began running ski parties where groups of Britons were invited to travel with the host to the Alps, but the idea of installing a chalet arose only in 1958 when one Colin Murison Small came out with a brochure offering comfortable, though not luxurious, accommodation including catering with wine at dinner at no extra charge.

The price was not only a bargain, but what was more important was the friendly atmosphere which the young Britons truly enjoyed. Additionally, the helping hand offered as they battled with unfamiliar ski equipment and the lift systems, endeared them to the ski chalet concept in no time at all.

The employment of charter flights in the 60s changed things for the better even further because of simplifying logistics. The weekly schedules of the chalet were perfectly adapted to planes arriving with one group and leaving with the previous guests, keeping both the chalet beds and airline seats always full.

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