by Chino Martinez
Professional skier

Introduction to different types of skis

Review of #1 Male All Mountain Skis – Blizzard Bonafide 98.

These days the options when walking into a ski shop at the beginning of the ski season are too many!

Blizzard Bonafide skis. SKI TEST -SKI REVIEWS -FAT OR NOT FAT? What Ski to Buy?
Blizzard Bonafide skis. SKI TEST -SKI REVIEWS -FAT OR NOT FAT? What Ski to Buy?

This article is to inform skiers how to choose the best skis for your best ski day or ski season.

What do we have to look to choose the right skis?

A-What type of skier are you?
1-aggressive/expert 2-intermediate 3-beginner.

B-What kind of terrain do you ski the most? Off piste, all mountain, groomers (piste), racing?
C-How many skis do you have? or are you willing to have? 

Let’s get now a bit more technical:

You may notice three numbers in ski-model listings that are also often printed on a ski’s top-sheet (such as 124-74-104 for the Rossignol 16Ti). These numbers designate the ski’s dimensions. The first number represents the widest point of the ski’s tip (in millimetres); the second, the width of the middle (usually called “waist” or “underfoot”); and the third, the widest point of the tail.

D-”underfoot” is a term that describes how many millimetres the ski has under the binding.
Generally it is noted on the ski model: like Head Kore 100, where 100 mm is the mm under the bindings.
This is very important when  skiing off piste, groomers or all mountain. The bigger the number under the foot equals to bigger turns and more floating -which would be not easy on the groomers (depending on the radius)

E-Radius: A ski’s sidecut forms an arc. The radius of the imaginary circle formed by completing that arc is referred to as a ski’s turn radius. A deeper side cut means a smaller turn radius, which allows for tighter turns – (slalom turns).

It is measured in meters and represents the radius that the ski describes on the snow while you set it on the edge. Example: 13,14,25 meters R.

Side of Blizzard Bonafide. SKI TEST -SKI REVIEWS -FAT OR NOT FAT? What Ski to Buy?
Side of Blizzard Bonafide. SKI TEST -SKI REVIEWS -FAT OR NOT FAT? What Ski to Buy?

F-Length: what is the best length for you?
Because the construction on the new generation of skis is so good, the tendency is to get shorter skis, reaching up to your nose, or eye-line, but for someone that can ski the entire mountain you can play a bit like copying your height or a little bit more, if you ski all day off-piste.


Men, Women and Kids.
Beginners, Intermediates and Experts.
Fat, Mid-Fat(wide skis) All Mountain, All Mountain, Recreational Groomers, Carving, Just for Beginners, Racing Skis (only for competition).

Good news: there are skis for everybody!
Let’s start with one category that is the most difficult to work with: guess which one it is?


All Mountain- Wide skis:

Skis for soft-snow lovers who know it’s not always bottomless, or one-ski quiver options for most in the West (USA). These are the best of the best, and for good reason.

Skis from approximately 98mm thru 115mm are considered All mountain-Wide skis.

What: Do-it-all skis with wide waists, tip-and-tail rocker, and incredible versatility.
Where: It’s hard to think of a place you won’t enjoy these skis, even though these skis are better for off piste.

TOP 5:

In this post we are going to focus on #1- Blizzard Bonafide 98.

Here at the Ski Guru we will be analysing the 2019 skis in a series of posts, by Chino Martinez, professional skier working double seasons in Aspen and Chile.

If we need to describe these skis with one word, it would be: COMFORTABLE.
This ski does almost everything so well!!
Featuring a poplar-beech wood core between two full sheets of Titanal, plus damping bi-directional carbon inserts in the tip and tail, the testers liked the Bonafide’s smooth edge-to-edge, and found this ski to be incredibly comfortable at moderate to high speeds in every type of terrain.
One of the best and all timers ski test boys Michael Rogan said:“Awesome in every way.”

Blizzard Bonafide skis. SKI TEST -SKI REVIEWS -FAT OR NOT FAT? What Ski to Buy?
Blizzard Bonafide skis. SKI TEST -SKI REVIEWS -FAT OR NOT FAT? What Ski to Buy?

Strengths: Hard-Snow Integrity, Quickness

Weakness: Forgiveness

@Overall Rating 4.3 / 5
@Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters) 135-98-119
@Lengths (In Centimeters) 166, 173, 180, 187
@Radius (In Meters) 18
@Flotation 3.95 / 5
@Quickness / Manoeuvrability 4.36 / 5
@Playfulness 4.23 / 5
@Forgiveness 3.91 / 5
@Hard Snow Performance 4.5 / 5
@Crud Performance 4.27 / 5
@Balance Of Skills 4.45 / 5

More information: Blizzard

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Willem de Meyer- Unsplash. Hintertux Glacier. SKI TEST -SKI REVIEWS -FAT OR NOT FAT? What Ski to Buy?
Willem de Meyer- Unsplash. Hintertux Glacier. SKI TEST -SKI REVIEWS -FAT OR NOT FAT? What Ski to Buy?

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Featured Image: Photo: Blizzard .SKI TEST -SKI REVIEWS -FAT OR NOT FAT? What Ski to Buy?

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