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We will use this section of The-Ski-Guru for articles on resorts. These are not the Must-Read Complete guides, but articles with news on the different resorts, that could be a good starting point to see what is going on where.

We will be adding more on the way, but keep on looking for more.

You can also go to the Resorts Year Round tab for the more in-depth guides and also see Where to Stay to see which hotels and lodges attract our attention. Or check here how to plan your next holiday in the mountains. If you want us to create a bespoke trip to the mountains, contact us at or fill up the form here.

Enrique ready waiting for the funicular. Photo by The-Ski-Guru. Last part of our family half term trip – Picture-perfect Courmayeur Mont Blanc.
Enrique ready waiting for the Armani funicular in Courmayeur. Photo by The-Ski-Guru.

Featured Image: Las Leñas peak in the background, that triangle shape on the right hand side of the picture – the expanse of Las Leñas is incredible! – Photo by Las Leñas ski resort.

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