Gear Review: Roces IDEA ski boots for kids

Roces Kids Ski Boots is the greatest idea for growing kids feet, that can help parents decide investing in a good pair of boots for them.

Roces Ski Boot with 3 buckles
Roces Ski Boot 3 buckles

When I’ve read about this product I’ve thought it was so great, that I NEEDED to buy them for my two boys. I bought the Idea UP and Idea FREE models.

The Idea UP has 2 buckles and the Idea FREE has three buckles and a strap. The great thing is that both have six foot sizes in one boot! It is very easy to make the boot smaller, as the shell contracts, making a longer heel (which is the part that fits into the binding).

So buying these boots, you can afford to buy also skis and put the bindings in one position, knowing that for some seasons you will not have to mount bindings again!

Here are the specifications from the manufacturer:

“The new line is coming with three different models. The IDEA UP covers sizes from 16.0 to 18.5 MP and sizes from 19.0 to 22.0 MP while the new charming IDEA FREE covers sizes from 22.5 to 25.5 MP.

These three items correspond to three new lines differentiated under the closure system standpoint.

The IDEA UP 16.0-18.5 is a single buckled traditional construction shelled boot, while the IDEA UP 19.0-22.0 is a new two buckled boot provided with a special water shell sealing layer. IDEA FREE 22.5-25.5 is the new three buckled and cuff Velcro strapped boot, provided with a special water shell-sealing layer

Inspirational Design:

The new three lines are differentiated also under the inspiration standpoint and the design guidelines were inspired by freeride, freestyle and backcountry.

The boot with the shell in the smallest setting
The boot with the shell in the smallest setting

New Design in Long Tested Lasts

The lasts have been tested for years and proved to be comfortable and very well accepted by all foot anatomies.

Improved Flex Index

Lot of research efforts were put on bettering the flex index and the achievement is now confirmed from a fruitful cooperation with ski instructors, ski schools and ski clubs.

Save the Natural Foot Heat

The new warmer and anatomically padded liner has been aesthetically improved. On one side it saves the natural heat produced by the foot while skiing while, on the other, the liner is able to keep the foot warm also during breaks.

Self-settling shell wrap

Designed and studied to improve the ankle-foot wrapping and the progressive flexure, placed in between the frontal shell overlapping it enhances the comfort and snow-stopping guarantee of the special layer.

Total Protection

All the new line is provided with a special water shell-sealing layer that proves to be an effective barrier against water and snow. If the first generation of IDEA proved to be 100% water protective, the new one is still 100% protective with the additional guarantee of the special layer.”

My kid is excited with his new ski boots!
My kid is excited with his new ski boots!

These boots were designed by an outsider of the ski industry, ROCES, that is a big name in in-line skating, and already deals with growing kids feet in those skates, and they are still the only company developing boots for kids and solving parents dilemmas of not purchasing ski boots for the youngsters as their feet will be growing from season to season.

Can’t wait to try them this season with my boys!

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